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A complete list of resources provided within message. 

In 2020 we completed the design & launched our own louvered pergola product. Over the last three years this product has become increasing popular across the country.  While the growth of our product is exciting, we recognized the need to phase out SEE Home Improvements as a local dealer.  This decision was incredibly difficult for us to make as we understand the importance of all our past clients in growth of our business. We have worked over the last several months to install remaining projects, as requested by our clients, and phase out the SEE Home Improvements brand. 

What does this mean?  
SEE Home Improvements no longer does local sales, service and installation. We are strictly a manufacturer employing only warehouse staff, we no longer employ installation staff.  We are no longer a dealer for Sunesta brand awnings. Sunesta is an incredible product that we still highly recommend. If you are interested in their product or have questions about their products, please contact them directly: This is also the contact for any Sunesta service issues.
We are no longer a dealer for Rainer drop shades. Again we highly recommend them if interested, Again, this is the contact for Rainier service issues.
Our louvered product is available through our dealer network or in a DIY kit form, depending on your needs.  For custom louvered products you may obtain local dealer information through Service is provided by local dealers for this product.  If you have a service issue, that is still under the one year agreement with SEE Home Improvements, contact us at service request must be within the one year agreement as outlined in our contracts.  We have provided grace on this one year timeline over the years and during this change of the business. We can no longer do this as the final transition of the business model is now complete and we do not employ installation staff as noted above. 

If the service is for an installation past the one year agreement with SEE Home Improvements you will need to contact a local dealer for your specific product, see the websites noted above.  We have worked hard to secure a local resource for the louvered product in hopes the transition will cause less disruption. 

The local SEE Home Improvements phone is no longer monitored for messages (voice or text), as it is no longer a functioning entity. We have phased out the phone over the last several months. The phone message indicates this and refers you to this page. 

While change is always difficult, we have spent several months behind the scenes working to make it as smooth as possible.  Significant changes were needed when the business moved to only manufacturing.

There is a resource for any product we have provided in the three websites above.

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