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Enjoy subtle breezes, colorful foliage, and sun-splashed days while easily blocking out rain and 

harsh sun. Revolutionizing the way homeowners and businesses alike think of outdoor spaces, a Louvered Roof lets you have it both ways. 

Constructed of high quality, ulta-strong, and rust-proof extruded aluminum for a seamless, smooth finish. The motorized, adjustable roof can be closed or opened with the touch of a remote control to let in the sun or seal out the rain. Customizable columns and colors let you create the backyard of your dreams. 


Our Louvered Roofs meet all building codes, including snow load and wind load requirements, and are customizable for any home, yard, size, style, or purpose.

Why buy a Louvered Roof?

  • Seal out rain with watertight, closed louvers and an integrated gutter system.

  • Adjust the louvers to let as much or as little sun as you want.

  • Enjoy the outdoors during hot summer or rainy days.

  • Confidently plan parties and events without worrying about weather

  • Expand your livable space at the fraction of a cost of remodeling.

  • Stay green with solar-powered controls and eco-friendly materials.

  • Durable, high-quality materials and construction are backed by a 20-year warranty

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