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Enhancing your home

& your lifestyle

Create Your Own Personal Paradise

Take Pleasure in the Outdoors, 

Without Worrying About Annoying

Bugs or Inclement Weather

Now you can live the dream in your own SEE Sunroom, where a gracious, unhurried lifestyle awaits you.  Before your eyes, your living space expands to embrace the comfortable manner of living you have always imagined.

Envision the tranquility of enjoying nature from the comfort of your own cozy sunroom. SEE Sunrooms add beauty and value to your home and quality to your life... all at a price thousands less than conventional construction.

You can easily transform your existing patio or deck into a comfortable, maintenance-free environment that perfectly fits your lifestyle and budget.  Consider the possibilities: a family recreational room, home office or exercise area, or the perfect place to curl up and relax.  Create a vacation getaway in your own home or a party place that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

One Room that can Change the  Entire Character of your Home

  • Standard configurations include 2- or 3-lite sliding, double hung, awning or casement windows, sliding patio doors, and swing entry doors. Maximize your viewing area with glass trapezoids, transoms, and kneewalls. Or, increase your privacy with insulated, dent-resistant wall panels.

  • A wide variety of custom window options are available, including operable awning kneewalls for added ventilation.

  • Choose from a gable roof style (peaking in the center) or a studio roof style (sloping away from home) with aluminum or shingled finish to match your home.

  • A SEE GrandView® sunroom is a true room addition with hidden electrical options available.

  • SEE GrandView® sunrooms come standard with the highly coveted, Ultra SeaClear window screens. In addition to superior strength and durability, the Ultra SeaClear screen also offers increased visibility and light transmittance, improved air flow, and maximized insect protection.

  • With GrandView® Sunrooms, you have all the interior design options of a conventional room, including: cathedral ceilings, window treatments, wall decorations, wood flooring, ceramic tile, and carpeting.

  • Offered in Euro White or Beige,your room coordinates perfectlywith your home’s exterior.

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